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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Experimenting with the family


Over the past 40 years western society has been conducting an experiment,

which has resulted in the break-up of the traditional two-parent family and

its replacement by the Fatherless Family. A report commissioned by

Civitas (16/9/02), the independent institute for the study of civil

society, evaluates whether this experiment has created a better society or not.


The reports conclusions are these: Lone mothers are poorer, more likely to

suffer from stress, depression, and other emotional and psychological

problems, have more health problems and may have more problems interacting

with their children. Fathers who do not live with their children are at risk

of losing contact with their children and are more likely to have health

problems and engage in high-risk behaviour (e.g. heavy drinking, drug taking

and sexual promiscuity).


Children living without their biological fathers are more likely to live in

poverty and deprivation, have more trouble in school, tend to have more

trouble getting along with others, have higher risk of health problems, are

at greater risk of suffering physical, emotional, or sexual abuse and are

more likely to run away from home.


Teenagers living without their biological fathers are more likely to

experience problems with sexual health, to become teenage parents, to

offend, to smoke, to drink alcohol, to take drugs, to play truant from

school, to be excluded from school, to leave school at 16 and to have

adjustment problems.


Young adults who grew up not living with their biological fathers are less

likely to attain qualifications, more likely to experience unemployment, to

have low incomes, to be on income support, to experience homelessness, to be

caught offending and go to jail, to suffer from long term emotional and

psychological problems, to develop health problems, tend to enter

partnerships earlier and more often as a cohabitation, are more likely to

divorce or dissolve their cohabiting unions and to have children outside

marriage or outside any partnership.


The effect of all of this on society in general is an increase in crime and

violence, decreased community ties, a growing divorce culture, a cycle of

fatherlessness and dependence on state welfare.


The report concludes: Studies indicate that a father can contribute

uniquely to the development of his children independently of the mothers

contribution. In other words, in areas such as emotional intelligence,

self-esteem, competence, and confidence, the fathers influence cannot be

duplicated or replaced easily by the mother, no matter how good a mother she

is. The weight of evidence indicates that the traditional family based upon

a married father and mother is still the best environment for raising

children, and it forms the soundest basis for the wider society.


A survey commissioned by Top Sante magazine discovered that most women

think that sexual fulfilment is found only within marriage, that fidelity is

considered to be the most important component of a successful marriage and

that love, affection and hugs rank above sexual performance (Daily

Telegraph 12/11/02).


Strange how these reports (neither of which has any Christian connection)

conclude that the care of a father and a mother provides the best

environment for bringing up children and that faithfulness in marriage is

the best basis for a sexual relationship. Could it be that God knows what is

best for us (see Ephesians 5.17-6.4) rather than the intellectuals who

control the media and the education system and constantly impose their

godless amoral philosophy on the rest of us?


Government lunacy


The government has brought in a new bill to try to prevent paedophiles from

grooming children for sexual abuse. Well and good, but the problem is that

the government itself seems to be encouraging just such activity through its

sex education programme. Material produced by the UK LifeLeague (7-11

Kensington High Street, London, W8 5NP) shows what is on offer in Health

Education programmes in our schools.


According to their leaflet The Sex Education they don’t want you to see:

Most sexpert advisers employed by our government view the traditional

family unit and Christian based morality as being intrinsically

oppressive. … It follows that their sex education blueprint is a radical and

free-minded liberalist philosophy that will transform society into one where

everyone is very open about sex, be they adult, teenager or child. It is a

philosophy which knows no shame or morality. … Children as young as 5 are

expected to identify and name body parts including genitals; masturbation

is discussed in mixed classes of 9 year olds and the mantra of condoms, safe

sex and homosexuality could easily be mistaken for the new school motto.


Amongst the appalling material featured in the leaflet is the book Taking

Sex Seriously  practical sex education activities for young people. This

contains such role-play material as: Fiona is 16 and a lesbian. She is

having a sexual relationship with Janet who is 22. Janet has a 3 year old

son. Kevin is 17. He had a sexual relationship with a woman last year, but

was not happy about it. He has come to realise he is gay and is about to

start his first gay sexual relationship with Don who is 24.


If you wish to protest against this wicked exploitation and corruption of

our children by government sponsored organisations and the education system

get in touch with UK LifeLeague. Clearly there is a kind of madness

afflicting society which is aptly described in Revelation 18 concerning

Babylon … a dwelling place of demons … For all nations have drunk of the

wine of the wrath of her fornication. In the parallel passage in Jeremiah

51.7 we read, Babylon was a golden cup in the Lords hand, that made all

the nations drunk. The nations drunk her wine; therefore the nations are

deranged. When one reads leaflets like the one produced by UK LifeLeague

one can only conclude that the people making decisions for the future of our

society are indeed deranged or just plain mad.