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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Where is Great Britain heading?


The answer to this question is towards a revival of Christianity with

parliament dominated by true Christians, the Prime Minister a born again

believer and a mighty army of missionaries being raised up across this

land, moving into mainland Europe and reaching to the ends of the earth if

you accept the message of the book Great Britain has fallen by Wale

Babatunde. Or towards an Islamic state if you accept the messages recently

given by Rev David Pawson.


Almost as long as I can remember in my Christian life I have heard preachers

saying that there is going to be a great revival in Britain. Often the verse

from 2 Chronicles 7.14 is quoted, If my people who are called by name will

humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,

then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their

land. There have been conferences, times of prayer and fasting, prophecies

given of how God is going to turn this land around and restore biblical

Christianity. But in reality things go from bad to worse and the influence

of biblical Christianity hardly reaches the church any more, let alone the nation.


So are we ripe for Islamic takeover as David Pawson believes? Will the

Muslims, who believe in their message and who are being given more and more

space to deliver this message in the media, defeat the lukewarm Christians

who are afraid to speak out in favour of Jesus Christ? Will they turn

Britain into an Islamic state? I respect David Pawson and have personally

benefited from his teaching but I have to say that on this issue I disagree

with him. I also disagree about the great revival coming out of Britain.


If we want to know where Britain is heading the best place to look is not in

Christian books or messages, but the Bible. In Jeremiah 30, in the context

of a message about Israel and the end times, the Lord says, Though I make a

full end of all nations where I have scattered you, yet will I not make a

full end of you. In Revelation 13.7 concerning the rule of the beast or

Antichrist in the last days of this age we read: And authority was given

him over every tribe, tongue and nation.


The clear implication of these verses is that God is going to make an end of

all nations, including Britain, and that at the end of this age, all nations

will be subject to the Antichrist. I do not say this lightly, because I love

this country and am grateful to God that I was born here. I look back on our

history with gratitude for the many good things that have come out of this

land (not all good of course, since every nation has its good and bad

points). I feel a deep sense of connection to this land and its people. I

have travelled in many other countries, but still think there is nothing to

compare with the beauty and richness of scenery to be found in these islands.


But despite all this I have to acknowledge that this country is in a state

of collapse, which ties up exactly with the prophecies of the Bible. While I

share David Pawson’s concern about the rise of Islam, I am more concerned

about the people who have already taken over this country than the ones

who might.


For the past 30 years that I have been a Christian I have noted a process

taking place which has accelerated rapidly in the past 5 years of New Labour

government. It is the takeover of our institutions by the liberal / left

humanist way of thinking which I used to espouse myself before I became a

Christian. What are the characteristics of this way of thinking, which I

will call New Humanism?


All religions are equally true and equally untrue. There is no absolute

right and wrong. People who claim there is one way of salvation through

Jesus are narrow minded and a barrier to human progress and understanding.

If it feels right do it. No one has the right to claim that any lifestyle is

morally wrong. The two-parent family is one of many ways of bringing up

children, no more or less valid than single parent families, unmarried and

homosexual couples.


Criminal and anti-social behaviour should be understood, not punished.

Britain’s past history is dominated by hypocrisy, pride, racism and

discrimination against women, homosexuals and minority groups. It is to be

derided at every opportunity so that young people will be more easily

moulded into accepting the new multi-faith, multi-racial one world political

system. Everything about our colonial past was bad (some of it was, but not

everything!).Values of integrity, commitment, self control, politeness and

consideration for others are old fashioned. In their place there is a

culture of rudeness and self assertion at the expense of others. The

philosophy of me first is to be indoctrinated into children who should not

be disciplined by their parents as this inhibits their emotional development.


New Humanism has already taken over much of our society. Back in the 1970s

when I was working as a school teacher at a London comprehensive I saw it

taking over the way Religious Education, History and English were taught and

affecting the approach to discipline. Now we find that it dominates most of

the education system, the entertainment industry, especially TV, the social

services and increasingly the police and justice departments. We now have

police chiefs saying that young criminals should be dealt with by being told

to apologise to their victims and pushing for the legalisation of cannabis.

Judges show more sympathy for criminals than their victims. Teachers are

afraid and unable to discipline unruly pupils. Express a different view on a

BBC chat show and you are likely to be held up to ridicule and contempt.


All of the mainstream political parties now adopt New Humanism in some form

or other. It is the backbone of New Labour. Charles Kennedy’s claim that the

Liberal Party will become the opposition party is a joke since the Liberals

generally want to move faster than New Labour in the direction of New

Humanism, dismantling Britain and re-creating it as an offshore island of

Europe. The battle within the Tory Party is the result of the botched

attempt of Iain Duncan Smith to appease the Tory modernizers who want to

re-invent themselves as a third touchy-feely nice party which wont offend

their BBC inquisitors by standing up for the values which once made Britain

great. The House of Lords has been re-organised to give it a New Humanist

majority. The tragedy is that there is no real opposition and we live

basically in a one party state.


All of the historic institutions which might in the past have resisted the

progress of New Humanism are crumbling and in disarray. The monarchy

stumbles from crisis to crisis. Prince Charles in particular has adopted the

multi-faith religious agenda, meaning that if he becomes King he will not

have the mind to stand up for Christianity even if he is the nominal head of

the Anglican Church. If you analyse the thinking of most of the Bishops of

the Church of England, it lines up with New Humanism much more than with



In the face of this onslaught against it much of the Evangelical world has

actually capitulated and gone along with the New Humanist project by

refusing to criticise it or really face up to what is happening. Some of the

pronouncements of Evangelical organisations are actually propagating New

Humanism rather than Christianity. Instead of a call to turn back to the

teaching of the Bible, the Evangelical and Charismatic churches offer

endless promises that things are going to get better (when in fact anyone

with any sense can see they are getting worse).


As the promised revival fails to materialise some people become

disillusioned and give up. Others carry on believing it, but end up living

in a kind of fantasy world, making claims, which turn out to be fraudulent

and increase the general mood of scepticism in the country. For example the

much-heralded video Transformations makes great claims of the changes that

have been made in various cities as a result of spiritual warfare.


Investigation of the facts on the ground shows that these changes exist in

the imagination of the film maker rather than in the cities themselves. At

the height of the so-called revival in Pensacola great claims were being

made that crime had diminished in the city. Local police chiefs denied this.


So what about the claim that Islam will take over? In some ways there is a

good case to be made for this. Islam is the most radical reaction to New

Humanism you could find. It could provide the opposition which wishy washy

Christianity lacks. It is uncompromising in its assertion that Allah is to

be obeyed and willing to enforce its law by severe punishments of those it

considers to be wrong doers. Since it considers the entire New Humanist

project with its touchy-feely acceptance of sexual permissiveness and

homosexuality to be totally wrong, the acceptance of Sharia (Islamic) Law in

Britain, as applied in strict Islamic countries, would result in most of the

population being flogged, having their hands cut off or executed.


For this reason and the fact that most people now have a fear of Islam

because of terrorism, I regard an Islamic takeover of Great Britain as an

extremely remote possibility. Islamic rule would mean closing down the pubs,

making women cover their faces and bodies in public (can you imagine what

The Sun would say?), banning homosexuals and an end to Eastenders and

everything like it! Nevertheless it is alarming that many people are now

turning to Islam and that the media, which constantly ridicules

Christianity, treats Islam with respect and deference.


As stated earlier I believe we should be much more concerned about the

forces which have already taken over Britain than those which might. The

purpose of this takeover is the disintegration of Britain as a unified

nation state with a historic identity and with institutions to defend that

identity. As Britain disintegrates the next phase is to integrate it into

the Euro region as the first stage of the establishment of a one world

government based on antichristian values. Already we have seen the first

stage of the break up of the United Kingdom with the establishment of

regional assemblies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The next stage

will be the establishment of regional assemblies in England, which will take

power away from Westminster downwards to the assemblies and upwards to the

European government. (For more information on the significance of

regionalisation within the EU send for our article Euro Bound from Light

for the Last Days !).


In my view the most likely route, which we are facing in the path towards

dictatorship (antichrist), comes not from Islam but from the existing

powers that be using the Islamic threat (amongst other things) to crack

down on personal freedom and control the population. Already we are seeing

the government bringing in measures to spy on peoples emails, telephone

conversations and increase surveillance in public places in order to prevent terrorism.


Added to this there is a religious dimension in which the political and

religious establishment is making it more and more difficult to say that

Jesus is the one way to God (and therefore all other religions are not

leading to God) or that marriage is the only legitimate sexual relationship

allowable to God (and therefore all sex outside of marriage and

homosexuality is wrong). Already in Sweden there is a move afoot to make it

a criminal offence to say homosexual practice is immoral. British Law Lord

Scott of Froscote has raised the possibility that distributing the Bible

could become illegal under a proposed EU anti-racism law.


In my view this actually fits in very well with the antichrist scenario in

Revelation. The government restricts freedom and comes down on biblical

Christianity in the name of peace and security with the backing of the

apostate church linked in with multi-faith, multi-cultural political

correctness. Initially this is popular and makes people think they are being

protected from dangerous fundamentalists but in time it becomes apparent

that this is a new form of tyranny.


Just as Hitler rose to power with the help of corrupt churches, so the

coming antichrist system (the beast) uses counterfeit religion (the whore)

to gain power (Revelation 17). But Hitler’s real agenda was to smash

Christianity and replace it with his own form of occult based paganism. It

is interesting that in Revelation 17 the beast ultimately turns on the whore

and smashes her. In the end the kind of religious system, which the

prophetic scriptures point to, is a form of Satanism personified by worship

of the beast. New Humanism lacks the basic ingredients to satisfy peoples

spiritual need. If people reject the true Messiah Jesus, they will look for

another to fill their need. I doubt that Islam can fill this need for all

but a tiny minority of people in Britain or any other western country. But

an occult based political and religious superstar, offering peace and

safety and a solution to the problems now plaguing society certainly could.

Harry Potter rather than Jesus or Mohammed is the dominant influence on

the thinking of young people today. This is preparing people to accept the

coming Antichrist.


Britain, along with the rest of the western world, is heading rapidly in

this direction. The only hope in this bleak reality is the return of the

Lord Jesus, the true Messiah who will sort out the mess, which the nations

have made of the world God gave us to look after. I have every hope that

many individuals from Britain and all nations will be saved in these last

days by turning to Jesus and accepting the salvation he is offering now. But

I have no hope at all that the trends away from God on the level of society

as a whole will be reversed and Christian values will dominate society this

side of the second coming. To say otherwise in my judgement is to give

people false hopes, which will ultimately lead to their disillusion.


Better to believe Jesus who told his followers that they are always going to

be a minority amongst and unbelieving majority (Matthew 7.13), and that the

unbelieving majority are quite likely to be members of your own family and

as a result they may reject you (Matthew 10.35-6). In fact in Matthew 24.9

he says You will be hated of all nations because of me. If you have this

as your understanding of your new life in Messiah you will not be

disappointed or disillusioned if you find yourself in a society dominated by

antichristian forces and that your parents, husband, wife, children give you

grief because of your faith. You will not be surprised if people are against

you because you believe in Jesus. In fact you will be happy when people like you.