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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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War on terrorism - moving to the end times


'It will be a terror just to understand the report (the news).' Isaiah 28.19 NKJV.


There can be no doubt that the world changed on September 11th. The results

of this act of terror, watched by people all over the world on TV, will continue to

have profound effects on all nations in a way which must bring us closer to the

final events of this age prophesied in the scriptures. Some observations about

this are as follows:


US intelligence has been fearing a major terrorist attack for some time.

Exercises carried out in the summer simulated attacks bringing the country

to its knees in a matter of weeks. While America is known as the world's

'super power' it is clear from what has happened that it is also extremely

vulnerable. The collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre is not

the fulfilment of the 'fall of Babylon' in Revelation 18, but it is certainly a vivid

picture of the world trading system collapsing in a moment of time.


The immediate reaction to what happened has been a coming together of the

nations to fight terrorism. Talk of the 'The New World Order', which we

first heard at the time of the Gulf War, has become relevant once again. An

external enemy is bringing the nations together to act as one. Who would

have thought we would see the day when the Russian government would offer

bases in the territory of the former Soviet Union to US armed forces? If the

action is successful it will be another step in the coming together of a global

government to manage the world system and combat threats to world

peace and security (Revelation 13).


Despite the opposition of many people in the streets, the governments of

Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even Iran are at present

being supportive of the action being taken by the West. The price tag they

demand for their cooperation is that the USA changes its policy towards

Israel and Jerusalem (Zechariah 12). The West is likely to submit to their

demands because they fear the possible consequences of anger in the street

causing the overthrow of friendly Muslim governments. In particular the fall

of the government of Pakistan to Islamic radicals would be a catastrophe as

Pakistan is a nuclear power. An even greater catastrophe would be the fall

of Saudi Arabia with its vast oil wealth and control of the oil supply. On

the other hand the victory of the moderate forces in Iran led by President

Khatami would be a valuable prize in the battle against Islamic radicalism.


It is probable that the responsibility for the attack on the USA goes far

beyond the Bin Laden terror network. If the action is limited to Afghanistan

and Bin Laden, and the terror networks of Iraq, Hezbollah and the

Palestinian groups are left intact, there is no doubt that Israel will

sooner or later face a huge attack threatening its existence. With much of

the western media repeating the lie that Israel, rather than the lack of

justice and human rights in the Arab world, is the main cause of all the

problems in the Middle East, Israel would be left alone to face this foe.

Only God would be able to save Israel from this assault (Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38-9).


The world economic system is already in trouble. This disaster in the

heartland of US capitalism with its global connections has already caused

economic shock waves and could lead to a world wide crisis. On the other

hand if the action against terrorism is successful this could lead to a

renewal of confidence and a brief time of recovery in which people think

there is 'peace and safety' before 'sudden destruction' comes (1 Thessalonians 5.3).


All around the world measures are being taken to increase security. On the

back of these measures we can expect to see powers being given to the

authorities which will lead to a loss of general liberty and freedom of

expression. Most people would support measures like the compulsory identity

card being considered by our government. This will lead to another major

step on the way to the kind of controlled society which the Bible describes

in the last days (Revelation 13.16-18).


Many people in the world are blaming 'religious fundamentalism' for the

crisis. This is leading to increasing demands for all religions to sink

their differences and come together in a global religion seeking peace and

tolerance. Moderate Muslims too could be willing to join this wishing to

distance themselves from the dangerous radicals. This could lead to a brief

window of opportunity to evangelise the Muslim world by Christians. But

within this religious 'tolerance' there would also be intolerance for those

who proclaim that there is only one way to God through repentance and faith

in Jesus the Messiah. Christians who warn against globalism and the 'New

World Order' bringing in the Antichrist would be considered dangerous

fanatics who are a threat to the peace (Revelation 17).


Most Christians are totally unprepared for what is coming and have little or

no knowledge of Bible prophecy. As a result they will have no relevant

message to bring to the world, and some will question their faith as world

events go from bad to worse. But the people who do know the Lord and what

his word says will 'be strong and do exploits' (Daniel 11.32).

Jesus said that in the last days before his return there will be the

'distress of nations in perplexity' as men's hearts will be fainting from

fear at what is coming on the world. He also said that true believers should

not despair, but 'stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption

is drawing near.' 'At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a

cloud with power and great glory.' (Luke 21.25-28).