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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Keeping tabs on you


The UK government's latest plan for dealing with traffic problems is to fit

a black box to our dashboards fitted with an electronic device which would

be able to track vehicles from satellites. This would be fed into a

computer, which would charge us for using the roads.


It would also mean that they could track our movements across the country.

Just one of an increasing number of 'Big Brother' devices, which are slowly

but surely creating a means of control of the individual by the state. The

September 11th attacks have caused governments around the world to take

stronger measures to increase security. An article in 'The Independent'

(1/01/02) 'Brave New Britain' by Simon Carr details ways in which the

government is 'stealing our freedom.' 'Increased surveillance, intrusion,

arbitrary powers, detention, seizure, state secrecy and the suppression of

dissent are the hallmarks of New Labour in action.'


In America a new product has gone on the market called Verichip, which

involves an implanted microchip capable of holding the owner's personal

identification and medical records. The device is read when a scanner is

passed across it. It is being marketed by Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) as

a means of having a person's medical record available in case of emergency.

It is also being considered as a means of tracking a person's whereabouts,

which is of great interest to South American businessmen afraid of being kidnapped.


ADS reports huge interest in the product. A family in Florida, Jeffrey,

Leslie and Derek Jacobs, have volunteered to be the first to be injected

with the chip. Jeffrey Jacobs said, 'We're doing something that is good for

mankind. I feel like I'm going with the flow of nature, and doing exactly

what we're here to do to improve the problems of the world.' Their son Derek

has become a bit of a superstar at school and has been emailed by thousands

of young people who want to have the chip implanted. 'They think it's cool.'


The newer versions of the VeriChip will hold up to a megabyte of

programmable data, and some include a global positioning tracking feature

accessible by satellite (i.e. it will give information about where a person

is at any time). And therein lies the problem. Who will be able to access

the data? Can people be monitored? From how far? What about the right to privacy?


'The first concern is that it will fall into the hands of an evil and oppressive

state,' said Laurie Zoloff, a bioethicist in San Francisco. 'If you're thoroughly

known, then you can be thoroughly controlled, because they'll know more

about you than you want to be known.' There's another issue: Could the

chip ever become mandatory, like an inoculation?


Readers of this magazine will no doubt recognise the potential for the 666

system of Revelation 13 in this development. It can be marketed as a device

for the good of humanity to combat terrorism, crime, fraud etc and to track

us down if we are lost or kidnapped. But it can also be used to control and

enforce submission to the coming Antichrist. The very fact that this is

being considered today is another sign that we are on the road to the

fulfilment of the end time prophecies of the second coming of Jesus the Messiah.