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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Christianophobia in Britain today


An attempt was made to cancel a meeting organised by Nicky Cruz (of Cross

and the Switchblade fame) in Hackney, East London.  This was part of a

programme being organised by the Nicky Cruz Organisation and Truce

Ministries to reach out to disadvantaged youth in the area with the message

of the Gospel.  Before the meeting took place on 27th and 28th July emails

were sent out saying Hackney Council had cancelled the meeting on the

grounds that Nicky Cruz Outreach is ‘homophobic and against abortion.’  I,

along with many others, emailed Hackney Council and received an email back

with a statement from the Borough Chief Superintendent Simon Pountain

saying:  ‘After careful deliberation during which time I have worked closely

with representatives of both the Church and the Lesbian and Gay community in

Hackney I have decided not to oppose the events at Ocean this week. … I

delayed making this decision until I was sure that Nicky Cruz had been

spoken to in person about the values of the Metropolitan Police and Hackney

Council and that the assurances we sought had been given unequivocally.’


While it is good to know that the meetings were able to go ahead, the clear

implications of this incident are that if assurances are not given that

nothing will be said which might offend local homosexuals the event would

not be permitted by the police.


A successful Christian course called ‘Inner Change’ being used in Dartmoor

Prison was less fortunate in its brush with the powers that be.  The prison

service ended the course because it did not comply with diversity policies.

Lady Georgie Wates who helped set up the course in Dartmoor said, ‘There are

two reasons for the closure.  First we don’t comply with the diversity

policy of the Prison Service because we teach the sanctity of heterosexual

marriage as the Bible says, which is seen as homophobic.  Secondly because

we don’t fit in with the multi-faith agenda.  They think we should be

teaching a bit of every religion and that what we are teaching offends other faiths.’


The Chaplain General of the Prison Service, the Ven William Noblett queried

the programme’s principles after a visit last year.  He is currently asking

chaplains to sign up to a multi faith covenant which includes requirements

‘not to knowingly say or do anything which insults or in any way denigrates

the faith of any other person and not to knowingly distribute or display any

literature which offends another Faith tradition.’  Another objection came

from the Prison Service’s Area Psychologist who was outraged by the Inner

Change programme leader saying ‘The root of offending is in individual sin.’


The assault on evangelical Christianity from the apostate church and

humanist establishment is creating the conditions for suppression of the

Gospel, the elimination of freedom of speech and ultimately persecution of

the true church in this land.  Recognising this, 178 leaders of Black

Churches wrote a letter in the Daily Telegraph condemning the government as

anti-Christian.  They wrote ‘Increasingly the Labour Government is

discriminating against Christians in order to appease minority groups.’


Jesus said a sign of the last days will be that ‘You will be hated of all nations

for my name’s sake.’ (Matthew 24.9). We see this happening now through

actions like these which are becoming more and more common in our society.  

(Information from British Church Newspaper, 21/7/06).


Nicky Cruz