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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Underground Church


Will we end up in the Underground Church?


Jayne Ozanne, a senior figure in the Church of England and a departing

member of the Archbishops Council, wrote a report which was leaked to the

Times in December 2004 stating that a time of great persecution coming,

which will drive Christianity all but underground in the West. She refers

to an established Church that will continue to implode and self-destruct.

She concludes that her Church bears all the hallmarks of an underground

movement, indeed it will become an underground resistance movement.


Certainly the established church is in disarray with bitter divisions over

homosexual clergy and women priests and a lack of leadership that does not

take a stand on anything of importance. In fact the whole of the British

establishment is in a state of terminal crisis as the fiasco over Prince

Charles wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles has shown. This has further

compromised the Church of England, with Charles being refused a church

wedding but offered a blessing after the service. According to its own laws

on divorce and remarriage Charles and Camilla are ineligible for a church

wedding since both were responsible for the breakdown of their previous

marriages. Therefore logically they should not be offered a blessing.

However as Charles is scheduled to become head of the Church when he

becomes King this creates a bit of a problem.


On one level this shows the absurdity of the monarch being the head of the

church. Charles is a follower of all kinds of alternative philosophies and

at one time seemed more attracted to Islam than Christianity. He has stated

that he wants to be the defender of faiths not of the faith, which means

that he accepts the view that all gods are equal and that he rejects the

statement of the Lord Jesus I am the way, the truth and the life and no one

comes to the Father but by me. So the best thing to do would be to

recognise that the Protestant Oath by which the Monarch is committed to

uphold the Protestant Faith as Head of the Church of England is unworkable

because there is no guarantee that the Monarch will believe in the

Protestant Faith. This would mean that the Church of England is

disestablished so it becomes just another denomination. Since most of the

Bishops of the Church hardly ever stand up for biblical Christianity this

would hardly be a loss to the cause of the Gospel in Britain today.


On the other hand the established church and the monarchy have been a

defence against the inroads of Catholic dominated Europe into the affairs of

these islands. As this defence crumbles, the way is now being paved for the

takeover of Britain by Europe as we surrender our independence to the

European Union. The old establishment which is now withering away was far

from perfect, but it was much better than the new establishment which is

taking its place.


The Sunday Telegraph (2/1/05) carried a picture of the 25 commissioners of

the European Union under the title Do you recognise your rulers? It pointed out

how much power these anonymous bureaucrats have over every part of our

national life today. They include three former communists among them Dalia

Grybuskaite, a Latvian educated in Leningrad in the Soviet Union who is now in

charge of the EU budget.


Increasingly public life in Britain and throughout Europe is being regulated

by political correctness which exists as a kind of control over what

people can say and teach publicly on issues like sexual morality. It is here

that Bible believing Christians are under pressure, especially those who

work in public areas like teaching, the media, social services and health

care. If you say that you believe homosexual practice to be morally wrong

you risk extreme hostility and even dismissal at work.


With this in mind it is very concerning that the government is considering

bringing in a citizenship ceremony for 18 year olds. A Home Office

document said this should be a focal point for activities that promote

inclusive citizenship. Chief inspector of schools, David Bell, said that at

this ceremony pupils should make a statement of being intolerant of

intolerance, illiberalism and attitudes that demean certain sections of the

community, be they women or people living in non traditional relationships.

It should also lead to acceptance of different faiths, cultures and

alternative lifestyles. Behind these smooth words is a hidden catch. You

must accept as valid homosexual partnerships (even marriages) as being equal

to heterosexual ones or you are not a part of the Brave New Britain which

the ceremony is initiating you into.


Those who refuse to sign up may be branded as bigots who are not worthy to

be citizens and therefore become a target for hatred and persecution. It is

the same tactic as was used in the Soviet Union creating a loyalty to the

regime and isolating and persecuting dissenters, especially Christians.


Under the Soviet system basically two kinds of Christianity emerged. There

were official or registered churches which toed the line and operated within

limits imposed by Soviet state power - no evangelism outside church, no

teaching children under 18, no teaching on contentious issues (e.g. second

coming of Christ), no criticism of Soviet regime or communist ideology. And

there were unofficial or unregistered churches which for the most part met

in secret under persecution but refused to submit to the dictates of the

communist system.


Is something similar beginning to happen here? If the churches submit to

political correctness they will in effect limit the issues they can speak

out on. They will speak out against racism, but not about persecution of

Christians in Muslim countries for example. They will accept the wrong idea

that there are many ways to God and you should not evangelise people of

other faiths. They will teach that Roman Catholicism is just another

denomination of the church and that the Reformation was a mistake. They will

not give biblical teaching on homosexuality and related issues for fear of

being homophobic. They will condemn fascism but say nothing against those

who are corrupting our children with amoral sex education aimed at

destroying the family. They will do all this because they want to be

accepted by the powers that be and so they are emerging into the official

churches of the new Europe.


On the other side are those who see what is happening (a tiny minority at

the moment but hopefully they will grow as the reality becomes more and more

apparent). They will form the equivalent of the unregistered or underground

churches of the former Soviet Union and refuse to toe the line. Let us pray

to God that we might have the courage shown by those like Georgy Vins,

Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, Aida Skripnikova and the Ten Boom family who

stood up to tyranny and stood firm for the Lord Jesus Christ.