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In mid-August 2010, I was having lunch with two brothers from Bridge Lane Christian Fellowship, when I winced on feeling a slight twinge of pain in my abdomen.  Asked by Michael West whether I was OK, I replied that I was – I suspected the problem was indigestion or the way I was sitting.  So I dismissed it, and we continued with our meal.

When it came to our ‘goodbyes’, Michael asked if it would be OK to pray for me – for healing.  I know Michael to be a godly man who would be unlikely to ask this unless the Lord had specifically prompted him to do so.  I agreed, even though I was confused, since I was not aware that I needed healing, although there were odd bits and pieces of my maturing body that were far from perfect!  He prayed and we parted.

Two days later, I found I was bleeding from, I believed, the womb/uterus.  A similar thing happened 2-3 years earlier, which resulted in an operation to remove a polyp.  I was also told I had several fibroids, which I already knew, and an abnormally thick lining to the womb. On that occasion the polyp was removed and found to be benign.  

This latest incident brought to mind Michael’s prayer and prompted me to call him to ask why he had prayed for me.  He told me that when I experienced the pain, the Lord had told him to pray for me; but, not wishing to appear to be laying on hands and praying ‘willy-nilly’ for healing (as can be experienced in some Christian circles), he chose to ignore it.  However, he felt uneasy that he had not obeyed the Lord, and questioned Him as to why he should pray.  He was referred to the scripture in which it says “… you will lay hands on the sick and they will recover …”, and only received peace about this when he agreed to pray for me.  This incident was confirmation to him that he had indeed heard clearly the Lord’s request. I asked Michael why he thought the Lord had asked him to do this.  He believed that since the Lord knew everything about us, He was ‘going before me’ and had everything under control – and that I needed to trust Him for the outcome, whatever that may be.

A few days later, I found myself having another internal camera which identified a re-growth of the previous polyp, which I was told needed to be removed, and a biopsy taken, to ensure that there were no cancerous cells. The doctor also confirmed the presence of my old acquaintances: several fibroids and thick womb lining.   

Following Michael’s explanation, I began to trust.  But it wasn’t long before I took my eyes off the Lord, as did Peter when called by Jesus to get out of the boat and walk on the water to Him.  I grabbed friend after friend asking them if they would pray for me, until it dawned on me that this was hardly ‘trust’; after all, the Lord had already spoken over this incident.  So a few times, I had to ask the Lord for forgiveness for my mistrust – my unbelief.  As a result, I approached the few days before, and day of, the operation in complete peace.

The next I knew, as I tried to shake myself out of the anaesthetic, the surgeon approached me, in what seemed an eager manner, carrying his papers.   He announced that he could not find any polyp, and the womb looked normal.  Trying to get my head around this, I asked “Well, where was the bleeding coming from?”  He said he did not know – but everything was fine, the womb looked as it should be and there were no signs of cancer.  Still rather confused, I glanced over at his papers, to make sure he had the right ones!   Since he did, I thought I’d try a few more questions:  “What about the lining?” -  “It’s thin, as it should be.”   Could this be my womb?   Ah - “What about the fibroids?”  He said he didn’t see any fibroids, but if there were any they wouldn’t be a problem at my age.  He repeated that everything looked absolutely normal, and therefore there was no need to have a biopsy.  He left me, still scratching my head.

When my friend (‘appointed’ to look after me for the next 24 hours) came to collect me she commented that I looked so well, and not as though I had just had an operation.   As she drove me home, I recounted the doctor’s findings. As I did so, it gradually dawned on me that this was the Lord’s doing - His answer to Michael’s prayer for healing; and His teaching me to trust!  I have to say that my friend had silently beaten me to this conclusion.

As if that wasn’t enough, a few days later, when I examined the Discharge Summary the hospital doctor had given me to take to my GP, the Lord seemed, in His love, to ‘seal’ or authenticate the hand of the Divine Healer, Jesus Himself, in this when I read the signature of the hospital doctor concerned – Dr M West, the same name as the Christian brother whom He used to instigate my healing!  

I give God the glory: He who knows us inside-out, and indeed knew us from within our own mother’s womb; He who knew I was seeking to trust Him more – in readiness for what I believe will be difficult times ahead, as this world grows darker and people are losing their sin-consciousness and seek, in their folly, to lead their own lives as they choose – a “chasing after the wind”, as the Bible in Ecclesiastes describes it.

Having tasted – over the past 30 years of knowing God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) personally, through His Son, Jesus the Messiah – that the Lord is good, in the words of an old song, three things I pray:

    To see [Him] more clearly,

    Love [Him] more dearly,

    Follow [Him] more nearly … day by day.


By so doing, I will be in a better position to hear what He has to say to me, to go where He tells me to go, and say/do what He wants me to say/do – to bring to others the ever important message of salvation (saving the sinner from eternal separation in hell from God our Father) – as someone once brought to me.  He wants us to repent and receive His forgiveness of our sins, through Jesus the Son - the only sinless One - who died in our place.  We will then be able to live life to the full now, and have a wonderful future home in Heaven with Him.

Lesley Packman

September 2010


Lesley tells of her recent healing

GOD showed me that I could trust Him -

even when He spoke healing into my life

and I didn't know I was sick !!

Lesley Packman

Testimony Packman