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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Tony Blair on Islam


It's not true, Tony!


In an interview for 'Newsweek' (3/12/01), Tony Blair says, 'Christians would

be fascinated to know how much of the Quran deals with Jesus, Joseph and

Mary and the virgin birth and how revered Christ is within the Muslim

religion. True Islam is immensely tolerant and open. Fundamentalism in Islam

is no different from the Protestants who will go on the streets of Belfast

and shoot a Catholic, any Catholic. We've all had our fundamentalists.'


In these four sentences Mr Blair makes four enormous mistakes.


True Christians are appalled that the Quran rips the very heart of the

Christian Gospel out the passages, which deal with Jesus, by denying his

status as the Son of God and denying that he died on the cross and rose

again as a sacrifice for our sins. Something, which takes part of the

message of the Lord Jesus and falsifies the rest, is far more dangerous to

true Christianity than something, which denies it outright.


If Islam is tolerant and open where on earth do we find this tolerant Islam?

Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan? Egypt where Christians are

second-class citizens constantly discriminated against by the Muslim

majority? Somalia where anyone converting to Christianity is beheaded?

Pakistan where 'blasphemy' laws forbid any investigation of the truth of

Mohammed's claims? Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, the Philippines and

countries all over the world where Islamic radicals terrorise those who do

not agree with them? Iraq and Syria, both despotic police states? As stated

above there are Arab states moving towards greater democracy but this has

nothing to do with Islam. The more Islamic a society becomes, even in

Bradford and the East End of London, the more tolerance and openness begin

to disappear. Christian minorities are persecuted throughout the Muslim

world. While Blair is deeply concerned for the rights of Muslims in the

West, he does not seem to show the same concern for Christians persecuted by



Fundamentalism in Islam is radically different from anything you will find

within the Christian world. I have visited Northern Ireland many times and

met many people there. I have never met or heard of a Protestant Church

leader who encourages his flock to go out and shoot Roman Catholics on the

streets of Belfast. When outrages against Catholics have taken place they

have always been condemned by Protestant leaders, including those like Ian

Paisley, who are strongly opposed to Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.

The idea that terrorists could kill others and themselves and then have the

reward of a guaranteed place in heaven is completely unknown in either

Protestant or Catholic theology. Yet Muslim leaders routinely give sermons

in mosques throughout the Middle East calling for Muslims to kill Israeli

Jews. They also justify from Islamic teaching the economic and social

oppression of Christian minorities in their midst. Terrorist groups like

Hamas and Al Qaida recruit deluded young men to carry out suicidal acts of

murder with the wicked lie that they will go to Paradise and be waited on by

70 beautiful women. They base this horrible teaching on the Islamic faith.


Christian fundamentalism means that we believe the whole Bible to be the

inspired word of God. The Bible teaches that we should love God and love our

neighbour and that we should even love our enemies. Jesus said, 'I am the

way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except by me.' On

the basis of this statement we should take the Gospel to the whole world by

preaching the message that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again

from the dead as a sacrifice for our sins and that we must all repent and

believe in him if we want to be saved from hell and go to heaven. Jesus also

said, 'He who conquers by the sword shall perish by the sword,' so we have

to abandon any use of violence in making this truth known. Mohammed

permitted the use of the sword in order to spread Islam and therefore to be

a fundamentalist in Islam one can appeal to the founder as a justification

for using violence and terrorism in order to spread the Muslim faith. For

further information on this subject send for the article 'Islam and



Tony Blair is a politician and not a theologian. Since he clearly does not

understand the issues of theology it would be better if he said nothing on

this subject. But at least it can be said of him that it is not his job to

be telling us what to believe about God and Jesus Christ.


Far worse than Mr Blair are those who betray the Christian cause while

claiming to speak for the Church of Jesus Christ. The Church of England put

a prayer on its official website for All Saints Day. The prayer begins by

remembering 'the saints in the security of our hearts . . . these great

women and men of God' who are 'the ancient foundation of our faith and our



It continues: 'The saints were not those who were perfect. They were parts

of God's creation who struggled and often failed and yet managed to raise up

our faith in God and in one another. Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Sarah, Hannah,

Joshua, David, Moses, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed and all

the prophets of old. They led God's people to God's light.'


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Carey, complained about this prayer, which

equates Buddha and Mohammed, both of whom taught things which radically

conflict with the Bible, with heroes of the faith in the Bible. But still it

remained on the Church's website. The pathetic politically correct church is

so much in rebellion against God that it cannot receive correction even from

its supposed leader.


The opposite of Jesus words 'You shall know the truth and the truth shall

set you free' is also true. If we reject Jesus' word and embrace the

teachings of false religions we will be deceived and enslaved. Sadly our

leaders, political and religious, are leading us into deception and tyranny.