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We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in

the light of Bible prophecy

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Down with Christian Zionists


There is a growing condemnation of Israel and Christians who support Israel

in the Christian media. Surrey based vicar Stephen Sizer has described

Christian Zionism rather than terrorist groups as the primary threat to

America and the allied coalition. That means if you believe Israel has a

right to exist you are more dangerous to this country than al Qaeda!


Churches Together in Britain has also put out a statement which places all

the responsibility for making 'peace' in the Middle East on Israel, which it

says must unconditionally withdraw from the 'occupied territories' and none

on the Palestinian Authority which has consistently failed to do anything

towards keeping its treaty obligation to combat terrorism and incitement.


Below are responses to these two issues:


Churches Together statement over Israel / Palestine


According to my Bible Jesus was not born in Roman Palestine but in

Bethlehem in Judea. I have been looking for the word Palestine in the New

Testament and somehow it just doesn’t seem to be there. Funny.


The two state solution was offered by the UN in 1947 but rejected by the

Arab world who invaded Israel with the aim of wiping out the Jewish state

the UN had agreed to set up. Jordan and Egypt then gobbled up what remained

of the Arab state the UN wanted to set up west of the Jordan.


The two state solution (in a form) was offered by Israel in 1967 after the

Six Day War when they offered to hand back the territories in return for

peace and secure borders. The Arab Khartoum conference responded with 3 Nos.

No peace, no negotiations and no recognition of Israel.


Since 1993 Israel has been working on a two state solution through the Oslo

Accords and later through the Road Map. Both agreements included the

requirement on the Palestinian Authority to stop terrorism and incitement

against Israel. Arafat and the PA have never done this therefore Israel has

every right to defend itself against terrorism. Arafat rejected Barak’s

offer of an agreement in the summer of 2000, launching the second Intifada

in September 2000 with the aim of gaining statehood by violence rather than



Your three observations need some clarification


1. Palestinians polled generally give high levels of support (70% and more)

for terrorism against Israel. The vast majority of Israelis want a peaceful

settlement and to get on with their lives without having to send their boys

into Gaza, Hebron etc. I have never heard of an Israeli rabbi encouraging

his congregation to go and kill Arabs. I hear weekly of Muslim imams

throughout the Arab world encouraging their congregations to kill Jews. Do

you have anything to say to such people?


2. Your statement about the ending of Israeli presence in the Occupied

Territories is the sine qua non for the achievement of peace is untrue. If

Israel moves out and Hamas, Hizbollah and al Qaeda are free to operate

without any restraint how much peace will there be for Jews and Arabs

(especially Arab Christians) living in the region? The ending of terrorism

and incitement is actually the basic necessity for peace in the area and the

main people with influence to do this are Muslim clerics. The west and the

churches should also unite to tell the Islamic world in no uncertain terms

that as long as the terrorist issue is not addressed there is no way forward

for any peace process.


3. Israel’s security fence is the product of Arafat’s terrorism. Before

September 2000 Israelis were crossing into the West Bank and even Gaza to

buy and sell, Palestinians were travelling into Israel to work. Terrorism

has changed all that. Unless the churches address that issue all your

statements are empty platitudes.


One issue you have not addressed. The Palestinian Authority plans to set up

a state in which Sharia law is supreme. Under Sharia law Christians are

second class citizens. Already Arab Christians are fleeing Bethlehem and the

surrounding villages in droves. Because of Israeli occupation? No because of

Islamic intimidation. Within Israel Arab Christians are free to play their

part in society and worship without fear. Where else in the Muslim Middle

East is this the case? Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran,

Iraq, Libya? What are Churches Together saying and doing about this? What is

your opinion of the Islamic law which says that anyone converting from Islam

should be put to death? Justified? If so what do you say about the great

commission to take the Gospel to every nation? Not to Muslim nations because

they have the right to kill anyone who accepts Jesus as Saviour?


Israel has a right to exist under international law as a state set up by the

UN. It has a right to defend itself against terrorism and incitement of

those who seek to drive the Jews into the sea. There are many Christians who

are dismayed by the constant attack on Israel and the Jewish people in the

media and increasingly in our churches. Jesus was Jewish born in Bethlehem

in Judea according to my Bible, not in Roman Palestine as your document

states. Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies of the Suffering Servant

(Isaiah 53) dying as a sacrifice for our sins. He is coming back to fulfil

the prophecies of the Reigning King (Isaiah 2.1-4, Zechariah 14). The Bible

makes it clear that Israel will be restored and will be the focus of world

attention and hostility (Jeremiah 30-31, Ezekiel 36-9, Zechariah 12-14,

Matthew 23-4, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation 16-19) before this great event.

What a pity that most of the churches are not only missing the point but

actually helping those who want to destroy Israel.


Christian Zionists a threat greater than terrorism?


According to Rev Stephen Sizer speaking at a conference entitled The Impact

of Zionism on Jewish, Christian and Muslim relations held at London

University on 15th March 2004, Christian Zionism rather than terrorist

groups is the primary threat to America and the allied coalition

(presumably including Britain). This means that he considers people who

believe that Israel has a right to exist to be a greater threat to the

security of this country than al Qaeda and similar factions.


A speaker at the conference was Dr Azzam Tamimi who stated that no Muslim on

the face of the earth, not even Yasser Arafat, will accept that Israel has a

right to exist. He also stated that all Arab states should become a United

States of the Middle East under Islamic Law. If we are asked to agree with

this view then presumably we also have to believe that the world would be a

safer place if Israel were destroyed (along with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan,

Egypt etc) and replaced with an Islamic regime in which all Jews and

Christians would be placed under dhimmi status by Sharia law.


Under this formula peace = submission to Islam. No Israeli can be expected

to accept such conditions and not many Arab Christians already persecuted by

Muslims are going to thank us for giving support to such views.