Welcome to the The Bridge Christian Fellowship website. We are a Christian Fellowship meeting in North London with a strong interest in teaching the Bible and understanding our time in the light of Bible prophecy. We welcome people from all races and ages and would be pleased to see you at our meetings.

Sunday morning live stream to start at 11am

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Covid 19 Update

  1. Tony Pearce will speak for the next Sunday morning service on the 05th April. OnLine only. Please visit our website at 11am, on the Sunday to access the live stream or you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notifications
  2. No Sunday evening service until further notice.​
  3. We will have Bible study on Thursday from 8pm by video conference (www.zoom.us). Please send an email to blcfoffice@gmail.com or text message to 07877086718 for information.​
  4. Tony will speak for 12th April Sunday morning service as well. OnLine only. Please visit our website at 11am, on the Sunday to access the live stream.​
  5. The main communication from now among the congregation is our website, email, or the phone.​
  6. Please do the offering through online. Bank: CAF, account name: Bridge Lane Chapel, sort code: 40-52-40, account number: 00009820.​

Light for the Last Days – Spring Edition


  1. Coronavirus – the world closing down.
  2. Extreme weather around the world.
  3. The Middle East.

Peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians.

  1. Does the Bible prophecy a peace agreement?

Is Matthew 24.31 about the rapture of the church?

Signs of the Times.

  1. The church apologises.
  2. Implantable digital ID vaccination system in development.
  3. Top Rabbis: Look at the Signs, Messiah is Coming!
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