Evangelism in 5 different areas

Fellowship members go out regularly to share and discuss their faith with the local community, where we meet people from a number of different backgrounds, religions and countries.  The Bridge has literature in a number of different languages which appeal to many who visit our portable street ‘Book Table’.

Meeting in the Street

Midday Fridays, members of the Bridge Lane Christian Fellowship regularly set up a bookstall at a busy intersection in Golders Green. Local residents and international visitors frequent this corner, where many languages can be heard.

Every Tuesday we also do the same at Watford, Edgeware and Stanmore.

Some stop for a brief chat, others enter into conversation, asking questions or sharing news from the wider Christian community. Several leave with a Bible or a booklet that seeks to answer their questions about the Christian faith – in their own language. Few pass by without being offered a leaflet inviting them to The Bridge.

Meeting at the Bridge

If you did meet us in the street, while you are welcome to explore this website, you are warmly invited to meet us again on Sundays at the church called The Bridge in London NW11.

Sunday schools (3 Groups)

The morning service also caters for the 3-16 year old in various Sunday Schools;

Junior Sunday School – Age 3-6
Senior Sunday School – Age 6-11
Youth Sunday School – Age 11-16

Our core principle is that the bible is God’s inerrant word, is true from the first verse to the last, and is the only place where we can find where we came from, why we are here, where we are going and what we should do about it.

Children are encouraged not only to learn about the bible and what it teaches but ask questions and think through how it applies to their lives day by day.

Our main goal is to support parents in the ministry of the gospel to children in Sunday school. Our prayer is that all children attending the Bridge would come to a saving belief in our Lord Jesus Christ and be used for the furtherance of His kingdom throughout their lives.

The curriculums we use:

We are currently using Answers in Genesis ABC 3 years Bible curriculum for the Junior and Senior Sunday school.

Youth Sunday school leaders devise a bespoke curriculum based on a mixture of questions from students and working through different books of the bible chapter by chapter

House groups (2 Groups)

Various house groups which meet on other week days. See Meetings for more information.

Prayer meeting

We also have a mid-week Prayer meeting which meets at The Bridge

Youth fellowship

The Youth Group meets every fortnight on a Friday from 8-10pm. We worship the Lord and study the Bible together and also have time for games and recreational activities. We are beginning in the book of Genesis and will work our way through the Old and New Testaments, taking ourselves on a walk-through-the-Bible.

Throughout our study we will discuss issues that arise from these books: scientific issues such as creation v evolution and moral/social issues that effect us everyday in school or college.